About us

Sycoshoppers has been established in April 2013 by a group of professionals in multiple fields, with the knowledge of: marketing research, business development, web development, design, and so much more. The team has gathered together to develop this innovative project.

In order to become Canada’s largest restaurant discount card we possess all the right tools and knowledge required. We have a long history of innovation and use of leading edge technology in providing solutions to customers and all types of businesses.

Whether we're researching ways to save money to our customers or developing marketing strategies that will change the Canadian restaurant business industry, our strength is integrating customer feedback with ideas and actions to ensure our members' and partners' success.

We have created this project for you, the consumers. We believe that you deserve to save on every meal from any restaurant we are partnered with. All customers must be able to save money on spot on the products and services that they would like to purchase.

SYCOSHOPPERS will constantly negotiate better deals for our members with all kinds of restaurants, to assure that every single member is happy. As a member, you will be a part of a rapidly growing empire that gets you the best deals on all products and services from the businesses we partner with.

The Sycoshoppers team would like to see more Canadians using our discount card to dine. We are strategically planning to generate over 5 million members by 2018 all over Canada. That would create a marketing revolution, saving money for the consumers, and bringing in more customers for the partnered companies.

Artour Mesropian

Marketing Director
I have been working in business development and marketing roles, both client and agency side, since 2009.

I am keen to continue to set myself far reaching goals both personally and professionally – if anything, this project will make for an interesting life!

Email: marketing@sycoshoppers.com
Phone: +1 (647) 895-9884

Roman Timochenko

Operations Director
Business has always been my passion, I like to challenge myself and constantly learn new things. Leading the operations team in Sycoshoppers is a very demanding and rewarding experience, and I am happy to be here.

I took part in many interesting projects over the last 4 years, and Sycoshoppers is by far the most ambitious.

Email: info@sycoshoppers.com
Phone: +1 (647) 921-9337

Crito Alcantara

Content manager
I have been working in the content and community management area for around 5 years now. Working with customers and managing online communities is what I do best.

Sycoshoppers is one of those projects, which has a great potential. I believe in our success.

Email: info@sycoshoppers.com

Satomi Yuguchi

Senior Designer
After being a designer for 10 years, I was offered a position in Sycoshoppers, and I gladly accepted.

The freedom of work and innovation possibilities here is unlike anything I have encountered before, I am proud of being a part of the team.

Email: info@sycoshoppers.com