Aft Kitchen & Bar

Monday, 29 December 2014 by

Aft is a kitchen and bar that quietly opened at Queen at Broadview. It gained a quick reputation as an East-end BBQ destination. The restaurant was conceived as a humble neighbourhood joint where locals can find familiar plates that aren’t married to any specific region or cooking technique. It’s easy to see why Aft has been pegged as a smokehouse though, since weekends are devoted exclusively to good old Texas BBQ.

Museum Tavern

Monday, 29 December 2014 by

Museum Tavern is a vibrant and bustling bistro. Checkerboard tiled floors, antique copper ceilings, oxblood banquettes, bentwood chairs, and marble tables embody the look and feel of the classic American Tavern. Their separate dining and bar rooms provide a lively atmosphere for everyone to enjoy quality products and excellent service.

The menu at Museum Tavern reflects a modern and elevated approach to American comfort food. With an emphasis on sustainable local products, Head Chef Stephen Gouzopoulos has crafted an approachable and creative menu.

Fresco’s Fish & Chips

Monday, 29 December 2014 by

Fresco Fish and Chips is a take-out joint located across the street from Kensington Park, ideal sitting grounds for a takeaway meal. Having grown up in a small fishing community on the coast of BC,expect fish and chips to be served straight off the docks with seagulls looming overhead and the scent of salt air permeating the air.

They use a light batter which compliments the fish without overpowering it. Their traditional batter is done the old fashioned way using a yellow corn flour and wheat flour. They make theircoleslaw by hand with fresh Ontario grown veggies and a delicious creamy dressing.

The Senator

Saturday, 27 December 2014 by

The Senator has a long and storied history in the city’s downtown core. The self-proclaimed “oldest restaurant in Toronto,” founded in 1929 and open in its current iteration since 1948, is tucked unassumingly into a neighbourhood of hulking edifices like the Ed Mirvish Theatre and the Citytv building.

After decades of steadily dishing out diner favourites, the Senator has recently made an effort to reinvent itself with the addition of a new dinner menu and a weekend cocktail event . They have a 6 oz. Cumbrae’s patty that comes with your standard tomato, onion and lettuce, with the added bonus of sauteed onions and corn relish.

The Stockyards

Thursday, 25 December 2014 by

The Stockyards is a barbecue restaurant specializing in southern-style slow cooked meats which is located at St Clair West, just west of Christie Street. The Stockyards is geared towards take-out as restricted space doesn’t allow for more than about ten people to be seated at a time. Upon entering you’ll be greeted with the divine smell of a griddle busy with custom-made burgers and pitchers of both the home-made mint-infused limeade and tropical fruit punch to sample.