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Japango is like a beacon along the desolate stretch of Dundas between Bay and University. On this stretch, there is no shortage of grimy restaurants with misspelled signs. but Japango is an exception with its surprisingly authentic atmosphere and impeccably fresh sushi.

Their sushi dinner arrives with a rainbow assortment of fresh fish and six scrumptious California rolls. It is a truly delicious California roll. It has Crisp cucumber, crackling bits of red caviar and surimi that frays with each bite, all snugly wrapped up in seaweed with a thin coating of rice sprinkled with sesame.

Wow Sushi

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This is a small restaurant with a intimate and cozy vibe, with some of the freshest sashimi I have had in Toronto.

WOW Sushi adds to the extensive number of sushi options on Charles Street. This place, just west of Yonge Street, was founded by two brothers who, following the advice of their father, aim to promote harmony and reflect peace among men. Sushi and sashimi are good quality and prices are reasonable for the area.


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Kingyo Izakaya serves up an extensive menu of boxed sushi, stone bowls, chicken wings and other izakaya eats in Cabbagetown. This is a pretty decent place to grab sushi, the prices are fair and the staff is very accommodating. The whole staff greets you as soon as you walk in the door; shouting out something, which I assumed meant welcome.

They have a lot of great dishes to choose from. The quality is decent as it is hard to find good sushi in Toronto. This place is more on the casual side and a hidden gem, in a not so nice area.

Sushi Kaji

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There is good food. There is great food. There is even spectacular food. And then there is food that transcends one’s very notion of taste. This kind of food makes your whole world stop; it’s food that makes what’s happening inside your mouth all that matters.

At Sushi Kaji, they are particular about authenticity. Fish comes strictly from Tokyo bay. Rice, vegetables and even garnishes are from Japan. Although they do not serve “popular Japanese food” like “California roll” and “Teriyaki”, they are pleased to introduce you to the real Japanese food culture.


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JaBistro is a cozy “hideaway” for Toronto’s sophisticated crowd. At the entrance, you will find their mascot “An-chan, the football fish” luring you in. In the crazy busy world we are in now, everyone is looking for a place and time to relax and refresh and they are hoping that their restaurant will be the “cozy spot” for you to hang around in the big deep sea called “city of Toronto”.

For the owners of JaBistro, food plays a basic, yet crucial role for living. Maintaining quality and safety of food is one of the most important elements when it comes to keeping your life healthy and satisfying. However, if the food isn’t tasty, we wouldn’t even know how to appreciate it.