Simply purchase online on our website’s ‘Get a Card’ section.

The card will be mailed to your address. Please allow 3-5 business days for your card to arrive. Immediately after purchase, we will also send you your User ID and Card Number via e-mail.

The geographic filter allows you to narrow your search down to offers from a specific geographic location, i.e. “City or Area”. If you are looking for restaurant offers in Southern Ontario, simply click on the “Region” of “Southern Ontario, Greater Toronto Area” and then the “City or Area” of “North York” to see advertising offers from merchants located in Ontario only. If a partner has multiple locations, the business will appear in all “cities and areas” where it has locations.

If there are restrictions, they are typically listed on the personal page of the partner, in our Full List of Partners section. Most restaurants offer the second entree complimentary. However, most exclude holidays and some exclude Saturdays. The discounts are usually for regular priced items only.

The Sycoshoppers Card will be accepted at any of the participating businesses present in the Full List of Partners, for the discount that is outlined within their private page on the Full List of Partners section.

All partners and offers are listed in the Full List of Partners. You can click on “New Partners” or “New Offers” and the website will show you the new partners or new offers available. You can also subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of any page, in order to receive our new partners via e-mail.