House of Gourmet

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House of Gourmet
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  • House of Gourmet
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Review Summary:

When going for dinner in Chinatown, it's so easy to stick to a few fave places and ignore the rest. Sometimes though, it's nice to try something new and that's when you may want to step in the House of Gourmet.

It's a big place, right in the heart of Chinatown, but you won’t really stopped there just for a simple dinner. Their menu is pretty varied and the service fast.

The Beef Satay is one of the usual favourites of Chinese food lovers and it’s one of the foods that you may want to try in the House of Gourmet.

From a visual perspective, you will be quite impressed. The dish is presented with tender beef, green peppers, onions and pineapple prepared and placed atop a bed of warm rice noodles.

The tofu here is deep fried and the veggie portion is mostly large, strong Chinese mushrooms, a slice or two of carrot and some greens underneath the tofu. While the saucy hot pot portion appears small, it packs a lot of food. With the taste of their foods, you will either want to eat all of them or take them home in case that you’re already full.

Now next time you’re looking to hit up one of your usual chinese food favourites, House of Gourmet will be on that list.

Address: 484 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M5T 1G9
Chinatown, Downtown Core
Hours: Mon 8am-2am
Tue 8am-2am
Wed 8am-2am
Thu 8am-2am
Fri 8am-4am
Sat 8am-4am
Sun 8am-2am
Phone: (416) 217-0167
Email: None
Wifi: No
Parking: Street
Delivery: No
Serve Alcohol: Beer and Wine only
Attire: Casual


8 Reviews for “House of Gourmet”

  1. Pam_Linda_Hertson5 says :

    Delicious and reasonable Chinese restaurant. Crowded with people, especially Chinese, .
    It tastes very nice to me, as a Japanese, too. Shared 2 dishes with my wife and it really good. More than good enough actually. Especially heaped fried rice. Great place, nice, friendly staff and with excellent service, absolutely delicious food. Perfect Chinese spot!

  2. Tom_MI34 says :

    I had the beef satay and the description was right! It really tasted good and my hunger and taste buds left me no choice but to eat it all! Plus, I can bring my family and friends here because of the big place. Just one thing, I hope they have faster service.

  3. Mama_Vren254 says :

    Fine Chinese Resto! Especially their beef satay. I order it everytime I go here. However, I don’t like other Chinese foods here such as their tofu. Still, pretty good chinese spot. Prices are reasonable.

  4. Belinda Rosario3 says :

    I like the chinese tradition ambiance here but not that much for their food.

  5. Nightcrawler4 says :

    4 stars. Not impressed but was satisfied

  6. Larry Bisuto4 says :

    it was a pretty decent place for quick Chinese cuisine at an inexpensive price. Mind you when you’re hungry, you’ll eat anything unless it was absolutely terrible. Plus they have a very extensive menu, so House of Gourmet will definitely satisfy any dietary concerns and palates.

  7. king_jacob3 says :

    Beef with Chinese broccoli was way too salty. The greens were cooked nicely, but it seemed like the chef forgot they had added salt and just added more salt. Definitely was not enjoyable, but since we were all hungry we managed to finished it. So, overall, good.

  8. Sherinna_7713 says :

    Braised beef in hot pot with bean curds, shitake mushrooms and baby bak choy was tasty, but some pieces of beef were overcooked and didn’t have the melt in your mouth taste.

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