King’s Noodle House

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King’s Noodle House
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  • King’s Noodle House
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Another fine Chinese restaurant that you may want to try when you’re in Toronto. Beyond the roast duck and squid hanging in window, King's Noodle House has been serving up fresh noodles. Recently, the dining room underwent a modern revamp, so, The place definitely looked more stylish and elegant but, thankfully, food and prices hadn't changed much.

Rice rolls are usually served with some filling, but plain rice rolls can be nice as well so long as you don't over do it and fill up before the rest of the meal arrives. The healthy side of greens were crisp and garlicky which is just perfect.

They also have a must try Curried Chicken which is thick and spicy. Their Chicken & Vegetables on steamed rice is a great light choice and one of the first to vanish and the portion size is plentiful.

One of the favourites here, which is the Beef Rice Noodles, is served with soft, flat rice noodles buried under heaps of tender sliced beef, green peppers and chunky onions were fit for a King. So if you’re hungry and craving for Chinese delicacies, grab a bite at King’s Noodle House and you won’t regret it.

Address: 296 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON M5T 2E7
Chinatown, Kensington Market, Downtown Core
Hours: Thurs-Tue 9am-12am
Phone: (416) 598-1817
Email: None
Wifi: No
Parking: Street
Delivery: No
Serve Alcohol: Beer and Wine only
Attire: Casual


13 Reviews for “King’s Noodle House”

  1. Rico Randolf5 says :

    Its name suits the restaurant perfectly. King’s Noodle. They really have mouthwatering, satisfying and delicious noodles here. Must try for those who still haven’t.

  2. rangerdanger25 says :

    They offer good options for Chinese breakfast. Their rice rolls are very fresh. Best I’ve had!! I will be back again for it. Their crispy pork has Silky meat and crispy skin which is very good. The duck and soy sauce chicken also tastes incredible! I was so tempted to bring some home but I ate it all at the restaurant. Will order more next time.

  3. Jamison_1152 says :

    Went here the day before yesterday, waited for quite a longer time than usual for our orders to be served to us. Plus, the noodles were not that good. Although the place was nice but was really disappointed.

  4. Tadashi_Hero63 says :

    I love Chinese food which may be the reason why I have a high standard when it comes to Chinese cuisine. I ordered noodles and some curries here. And oh, those rice rolls. They were good but just enough.

  5. Gerald berlington5 says :

    The thickness and spicyness of their chicken curry is just so perfect. The sauce, oh man, i just love it. Plus, their noodles, the soup is just so delicious. 5 stars and highly recommend it to everyone. And last but not the least, the place and ambiance is comfortable enough for me.

  6. Hazy_Hazel4 says :

    Beef Rice noodles!! Yum!

  7. GundamChao144 says :

    Only one thing, please faster customer service. Other than that, everything’s well and very good!

  8. ILovePanda4 says :

    The only thing I am not comfortable with this place is that the tables can be too close to each other and I felt like I was sharing my food with some strangers. Other than that, service and food are very good.

  9. PrinceValiant4 says :

    Portions are good sized and priced well. Definitely a go-to place if you want Chinese comfort food like noodle soups, congee, plus their roasted ducks are probably one the tastiest in Chinatown.

  10. Jaymee_01234 says :

    Congee tastes great, barbecue duck is great, beef rib and tendon was pretty good. And they surprised us with a free bowl of black bean congee for dessert.

  11. reminizz3 says :

    The place is good but dont like it that much

  12. RichardSon033 says :

    overall, I can give them an average rating for their effort. food, place. service, ambiance.

  13. brainTeaser4 says :

    Some say life is like a box of chocolates but I say life is like a king noodle menu. great chinese place!

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